I want to be in a band more than anything

I’ve been doing some ab exercises for like 2 weeks straight now, and it’s getting to the point where it just takes too long to do (i.e. 35mins and rising per day) so I don’t know whether to stop progessing in difficulty and hope the muscle progression doesn’t stop so much, or whether to try something else. I’ve also been to the new gym today, and I managed 40 mins on my beloved crosstrainer (though it was a different model which confused and frightened me a lil bit), although it was a struggle by the end. Not sure if I can keep them both up, especially after the holidays, but I’ll give it my best. I wish I had some ‘before’ pictures to compare with after, because I’m not noticing change, but I deleted them back in March. I just hope I can keep this body positive change going on forever. I don’t see me dropping the gym, just the ab thing, but I don’t wanna give up either really.